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2013 Year in Review

It’s been a while oh yes.   And oh the ups and downs we have had.  But for hours of pleasure, please see below videos.   Some longer than others so pick and choose. Some are long, but hey… it was an entire year of our lives.  And many of you were part of it.  They are great, and we love them. :’)  Hit the button on the bottom right of the video window to see it in full screen.

First – Our Moab trip with the Boyack’s.  Was one of our favorites and once again proved to be great for all ages.  Glad Mom and Dad could join us.

Our Two, count em, TWO trips to California.  First in Feburary we did Disneyland.  Had Linda and her family join us for a bit. As well as the Bitters.  Great great fun! Got a great visit with a good friend of mine Robert Miner as well.

The San Diego trip was with the Clydes.   With a stop with some great friends in Las Vegas.  Rachel come out to join and we have tons of fun doing many different activities including Beach and Sea World of Course!

And then there was Lotoja.  The race from Logan to Jackson.  Was feeling good this year and did my best time so far at 9hrs 23 mins.  Mike and I jumped and made a break the last 30 miles.  Some of the funnest racing I have done right there.  Great to have my family there.  So fun to hear my kids cheering me on and jumping up and down.  And can’t forget the Awesome Support Crew Taylor and Amanda.


And the long awaited 2013 Highlight Video

Lotoja 2012 Race update — man oh man.

It was great but sad. Had the flu bug for 2 days prior and hoped that it would go away. I hadn’t eaten well but did get eggs and oatmeal that morning. Race was fast, just like I thought it would be. We passed the Cat1,2 group, then they passed us then we passed them and stayed ahead for quite a while. I was feeling ok at this point. Going through the first rollers the group was dwindling. I popped off but me and another guy clamored back on and caught up. Then in the canyon, I had had it. Popped and stayed popped. I kept on pushing. at the top of the climb I started going downhill really fast health wise. I kept it up till the top kinda, then went down hoping I would get back in it. I started shivering uncontrollably and my body was just freaking out. Got worse and worse. At the bottom of the canyon on the flats I was going pretty slow. Now is when the main part of my group started passing. Guys I knew yelled to hop on. I did for a few. Chatted with him and said, “I’m done.” Sat up and waited for the neutral truck. He looked at me and said, “Are you alright?” I thought he said, “Wanna ride?” I answered yes. So he drove away. :’) Rode another 8 or so miles and found Jenny in Montpelier. Climbed in and put coats and turned up the heat for about an hour till I started feeling back to normal. Then we followed Geoff and Mike racing who were 3rd and 4th finishing 9:20. Eric came in at 9:30. The Cat 1,2’s obviously passed us and one guy got a course record at 8:59.

The sad part is how much time I have spent preparing and getting ready for this goal. I had done well to do the right rides at the right time. I am the lightest and strongest I have ever been. My bike is in tip top shape and I was ready, expected and hoped to do well. Too bad. Thanks for all the hoorahs, text’s and emails! Thanks to my wife and friends for supporting me and parents for watching our kids.

Lake Powell 2012

Wow.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  These vacations ROCK!

These girls loved playing together

Lexi Loved, Loved to be pulled on something.  Learning to Ski was a highlight for her.

Adyson was the first to jump off the House Boat.  Got an Ice Cream cone for it too.


More to come…


Happy Valentines Day Sweetie

So this year I played this song I wrote for her when got married. I played the guitar and sang while all 4 of our kids circled out of the room each bringing Mom a rose one by one, bowing before her.  The kids loved it and I think my loving wife did as well.   Happy Valentines Day honers!

Here is the song.

In a day, a day like never before… with you,

A day like we’ve never had before.

Like the sunrise, comin over mountain blue sky,

with you, just sittne right there by my side

Looking in my eyes…….

I love your smile, ,Your eyes shine with happiness like the ocean,

that swims, as free as a bird flyin over….

The sky, tremblin with axiousness and delight.

Someday, this moment will never end.

And it’s just you my daylight

With you, my darlin blue.

The Desert blue sings a song

About the constilations, High above us tonight.

The light seams bright to me, I know that you will be on my arm, holding me tight.

There’s things to see, dreams to make, the day is done le the troubles pass me,

All I want is you… Flyin over..

The sky, Trembling with anxiousness and delight.

Someday… This moment will never end.

And it’s just you and my daylight

With you, my darlin Blue…

My darlin blue.

Our life as Parents

It’s been a long time since my last post.  I consider this my journal, history of things going on, etc…  Funny how when so many things are going on, the less we document.  This past year has been one of if not the most challenging, roller coaster, life changing years ever.  I really hope, in five or so years I can look back and say it was the right thing, best choices.  For now, we are going and doing fine.  Just a small synopsis.  I left my job after 11 years to go work for a company I had very high hopes for.  It took a lot for me to leave as you can imagine.  After just 3 months it was apparent this was not the partnership I expected.  At the same time I started up a brand new company doing the same things I had been doing the past 11 years.  After 3 months I took that, bought them out, and now running our own company.  Figuring out how to get the word out.  For those that I am working with things have been going good.  We have been profitable since day one (on paper :’))  Clients have been very good to us.  Just need to find more of them again.  We are growing at a good, slow pace.

With home life I wanted to give a glimpse into our life.  We are in the sick season here in January and sure enough we get our share of it.  The past few weeks with Boston having Croupe, runny noses all around and coughing we engaged finally to our vomiting.  Starting with Ryder (18 months)  in the night, then that day then that night again.  Meanwhile Lexi couldn’t sleep due to coughing and sneezing.  Next night was Boston (2) for two nights, then Adyson (7) the next, then Lexi (4).  All rotating to sleep in our room so we could help them.  All the while the washing machine going all the time.  We even had to tell Lexi, make sure you get to the toilet because if you don’t this time, we don’t have any more bedding.  Couldn’t keep up with it all after a little over a week.  Then Ryder again the next night.  This time he didn’t wake up.  So tired he just slept through it.

2 days went by and we were doing pretty good.  Ryder still not 100% and wondered why as it had been over 2 weeks now for him.  Took him in and he has pneumonia.  Got him some amoxicilen and steroids both liquid and nebulizer breathing treatment.  Gave him half a dose of the Steroids as we worry about the affects.  And sure enough, no napping as he was a bit wired.

Then last night as we checked on the kids before we went to bed, we could smell it in Ryders room.  He had thrown up in his bed again and didn’t wake up.  Again went through the ritual of putting him in the bath, while the other cleaned the bedding and put it in the washing machine.  Ryder was such a doe head and tired.  Got it all cleaned up and lysol everywhere and again checked on the kids before going to bed.

Now the smell was coming from Boston and Lexi’s room.  They were both sleeping soundly.   I searched Boston and his bed and nothing.  Looked to Lexi and voila. She was laying on her back and thus had it all over her face, shirt and down around her neck, in her hair and all over the bed.  She was still asleep.   I carefully woke her up and told her we’d take care of her and she was going to be ok.  She nodded, letting me know she understood.  Not fun getting her shirt off of her and cleaning it all out of her hair.

As we were finally getting to bed thinking of the last two weeks and how little sleep we have had we now get to sneak a bit more in.

In the morning now it’s dealing with Adyson wanting cereal.  Lexi wants it but I won’t let her.  Boston wants a different kind and Ryder won’t eat the applesauce I gave him.   As I’m dealing with all the different variations of things going on and can’t keep up, Ryder pushes a glass candle off of the counter.  Glass everywhere.

Now with all of this, I’m not saying Wo is me.  What I am saying is, Holy Cow!  It NEVER stops!  And this is just home life. Whole different story.  What I am saying is yes, taking care of young kids, 4 of them, keeps us very busy and we had no idea.  A mothers job never ends is the saying and I’m just the helper.  You can imagine Mom’s side of the story.  However even changing all the throw up and not sleeping you still feel bad for them.  And somehow you are ok putting your hands in it and getting it all cleaned up.  With all the tough things there are the good things.  And many of them.  There is always something.  Even when you are taking a break, they are in the other room making a huge mess.  Even still, they are our life.  Something about being a parent.  And once again getting a glimpse of what our own parents felt and feel for us.

I have been blessed in lots of ways.  I am continually realize how important it is to “Enjoy the Ride”.  As hard as it may be.  There are those times like in a bike race where we suffer up the climbs.  Push as hard as we can beyond what we thought our pain point was because someone is riding right along side of us.  In this case, my wonderful wife.  And when we get to the top. Your body recovers quickly and gets ready for the next climb or fast pace.  But, also at the top… look around.  Wow, look what you just came up!  And look at the view!  Wow.  The hard part is enjoying the scenery going up the canyon where much of the beauty is to be found.  Good luck to us all. :’)

Fun times when we can have

I thought life was hard and busy before.  It just seams to keep picking up steam and I am loosing my grip.  BUT… we did get to take a break… well a break from work and the normal day-to-day but no rest for Mom and Dad.  We did have a blast though.

Went to Escondido California to get some warmth.  Kinda tired of the cold dreary weather so hoped for some sun.  It was raining the first two days but then was great.  Wore Coats at the beach but the kids loved it.  Jenny and I got a kick out of “Super Sumo Surfer Exercise Dance Dude”.
We went to the beach, rode bikes, did Legoland, Seaworld and the Pool.  Needless to say at the end of everyday all were beat.

We Stopped at Buffalo Bills (good job Jenny for finding the $15 deal!) and the girls thought it was the best vacation ever.  Maybe we should have just stayed there. :’)  We got to the hotel and they had us down for the following week… Big OOOOps.  That got my heart beating.  But after running around a bit they got us in.  We stayed at the Lawrence Welk Resort.  Quite nice.  We love having a full kitchen.  We made all our morning meals and lunches for the day and even two or three dinners.  

Lego land was our first venture.  A bit cold and rainy but all good as we were there to have fun which we did.  The sad note there is Adyson was 1″ shy of the go by your self height and Lexi 2″ shy of the go with an adult height.  We did the kidie rides.

Next day was the Beach at OceanSide.  Ate at Ruby’s and looked for seashells.  Found TONS and yes they ended up in our bag with all the sand with it.  Where are they now??? No idea.  But we all love the beach.  Buried the kids and just rand and played.  Was nice to be together.

The other beach day we took the bikes.  I had everything prepared.  Helmets check, bikes check, bike trailer check, back seat for Boston check, hitch for the trailer…. um #$%^.  Finally jerry rigged it and made it out.  Wore Adyson out in the wind but she is a real trooper and does well riding her bike.   Lexi just sits and says “Go faster Dad!”  Boston’s seat with Jenny worked pretty well… put him right out.

Jenny got to get out in the mornings and do some runs and I was able to do a Mtn. Bike ride at a pretty cool place.  Saw two Coyotes.

Then it was Poooool Daaay.  Kids love to swim.  This luckily was the warmest of all the days.  Good times in the Pool.  Adyson is swimming on her own quite well.  Lexi and Boston can jump in to Mom or Dad.  They love it.  Ryder… he likes the stroller rides.  Got a new stroller for him and he loves it. That night we met up with my brother Steven.  Ate at Rubios and was wonderful.  Was good to hang and chat with him and not have so many distractions.  Except our kids running around the place.

SeaWorld was a highlight, we liked it enough and it was no charge for more days so we went back the day after as well.  Love this video of the bird taking the fish from Adyson.  We liked all the jungle gyms we got to run around in as well.  Lexi, loved the jump place and did it for hours. Boston just loves everything and Ryder was a very good boy.

The drive was really pretty good.  Ryder was done just after Vegas as we tried to push all the way home so we stopped in St. George.  Good choice.  Stopped in to see Mom and Dad, then home to clean it all up.  Then we start back to work and house duties.   We do it all for the glorious times we get together.  It’s trips like these that make it all worth it.  Remember that.

More fun Pictures and Video click here

What the?

That is my 3 year old Lexi’s favorite thing to say right now.  And if she thinks we didn’t hear her say it, she says, “Mom… I just said “What the?””  Ok.

Another fun one from the same one is one morning she calmly and with a sigh says, “I love Belle.” I respond, “I love Belle too.” She quickly and sharply reply’s, “NO, you don’t… you’re a boy! You love Eric.”

I am finding she has some good ones come from this one.


Wrapping up 2010

How might I sum up this past year?  Well, if you notice my last post was in June.  Now being December makes me realize 4 kids under the age of 6 makes life crazy.  Good… but quite busy.   Going from one family to the other, church, cleaning, packing, putting to bed and don’t forget playing Chase.  One of our favorite nighttime games.  Yes it is busy and has defiantly put my stress level beyond any I have yet sustained.  But I would never trade it.  I never knew how amazing it would be to have these little ones of my own.  So, I figure out how to better communicate, work, play, discipline, encourage, and love those precious littles I have charge over.  And at the same time curtailing a relationship with my lovely wife.  Through all of this business we tend to not “have time” for or simply just forget to take time together.  Time also must be taken for myself.  Not to sound selfish on this one but I have really noticed how it affects me.  I need to un-string my bow and do it constant enough that it does not get beyond un-stringing.   This past weekend was one of those.  Put me in a state and a realization of where I am, and where I want to be.  What do I need to do to keep “Excellence in Everything”.   I have an amazing family.  I have a great job.  A beautiful and competent wife.  I am blessed none-the-less, and grateful for it.  So how do I keep it up-to-par?  A question of balance we all face.

So my list:

10 Finding the joy in the little things

Taking time for each other

Vacation, vacation, vacation

Taking time for yourself

Loving and showing it

High Uintahs Classic Road Race by philmsphee at Garmin Connect – Details

High Uintahs Classic Road Race by philmsphee at Garmin Connect – Details.

What a race.  On this one I was very please that the Highway Partrol Motorcycle never passed me.  Meaning this time, I was close enough to the main group ahead that he stayed behind me.  A few times he would come up and tell us good job, which was cool.  What a long, grueling climb.  But once I settled into my groove, I felt pretty good.  Was leading our group of three to the top and then we barreld down the other side.  Wow, the top was at 10,700 ft elevation.  climbed about 4500 ft up.  Snow everywhere.  Spatular views!  Just makes you giddy when you crest and start to come down.  Endorphins, sense of accomplishment and now the rush and reward of flying down really fast.

This was my anniversary of 8 years.  Jenny told me to go last minute so I made some ride arrangements and went.  She is so good to me.  That night we had my parents babysit and we went out to dinner.  Relaxing and very enjoyable.  Went to the Pago restaurant.  Locally farmed and grown items.  Always fresh.  Man it was good!